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Shiptheory Adds 4 Brand New Integrations!

Our good friends over at Shiptheory have just announced 4 brand new integrations for the Shiptheory software.

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If you haven’t heard about Shiptheory you can find out more in an interview I did with their Founder Mark here, and also check out a live Q&A we did here.

Their new update for includes 2 new channel integrations and 2 new carrier integrations.  Lets start by looking at the new channel integrations.

WooCommerce Integration

The first channel added this month is one that you more than likely have heard of before which is WooCommerce. If you aren’t overly familiar with WooCommerce, it is a free WordPress plugin that allows you to buy and sell products from your WordPress site and allows you to run your eCommerce site with ease.


This has lead WooCommerce to be a very popular choice among online businesses ever since its launch in September 2011.

If you’re already familiar with WooCommerce and want to connect your account integrated with Shiptheory, you can login to your Shiptheory account and start getting the WooCommerce integration setup by clicking here. When you’re all setup and going, this integration will be no different from the rest and it will finally allow you to automate all of the shipping labels in your WooCommerce store!

TradeGecko Integration

The other channel Shiptheory have created an integration for this month is TradeGecko, this is another big channel that prides itself on it’s inventory management capability.

TradeGecko already has integrations with other sales channels like Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce and many others. You can read more about TradeGecko and how they could potentially benefit you here.

With the TradeGecko integration you can now automate all of your shipping labels from a carrier and have the tracking numbers sent straight back to your TradeGecko store, as you can imagine this enhances the capabilities of TradeGecko as you can stay within your store to do everything from creating the order to printing the label.

To find out more about our TradeGecko shipping integration click here

Now lets take a look at the new carriers that have been added.

DX Integration

The first of the two is DX, who are logistic and overnight delivery specialists. Founded in 1970 and established in 1975, the DX Group has been in private ownership since 2006 and combines DX Network Services Ltd, DX Secure, DX Freight.

You can now connect up your DX 1-man account by adding the integration to your account, you’ll just need to enter your details on the carrier settings page for DX and you’ll be ready to start automating your DX shipping labels. If you don’t have an account with DX just yet but you would like to set one up you can do that from here.

P2P Mailing Integration

The final integration for the latest update is the UK based packet carrier, P2P mailing. P2P Mailing are a well known logistics company that provides worldwide packet delivery.

They’re a carrier that has continually proven their consistency as per FedEx recent acquisition of P2P which was a big accomplishment on their part.

If you already have a P2P account and would like to get it connected up, you can go here to start getting it setup and we can help you get your P2P labels printing automatically. If you don’t have an account with P2P but would like to set one up you can do that here.

Are you a Shiptheory customer? What do you think of the latest integrations? Head over to our Facebook Discussion Group or use the comments section below to let us know.

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