Shiptheory Adds Innovative Carrier Solution HIVED to Its Platform

Shiptheory has added a new carrier HIVED to its platform which calls itself an innovative mass-market parcel delivery network fit for the 21st century – affordable, great service and 100% emission free.

HIVED’s delivery operating system and innovative process is helping companies reduce their carbon footprint without compromising affordability or convenience.

As small businesses become increasingly environmentally conscious, Shiptheory brings a carrier to the platform that can help eCommerce companies reduce their carbon footprint.


HIVED boasts of being ‘affordable, great service and 100% emission free’ – but what does this actually look like? Here is a breakdown from Shipthwory on how the young HIVED startup is delivering on its promises.

  • Affordable: HIVED is price-competitive compared to other major carriers, priding itself on its efficiency which makes it cheaper for shippers. They have a flat rate per delivery and never use surcharges in busy periods.
  • Great Service: HIVED boast 99.99% on-time deliveries, 99.8% first-time successful delivery, and 100 % customer retention. In addition, they promise to reply to any questions within 5 minutes.
  • 100% Emission-Free: Possibly the most important string to their bow, HIVED boasts of using only renewable energy with no offsetting, from regular deliveries to bulk collection from warehouses and fulfillment centers.

Shipping Rules on Shiptheory

Shiptheory’s intelligent shipping rules engine allows shippers to automate every step of the shipping process based on a combination of shipping destination, order weight, value, product SKUs and more.

Automation shipping rules put large parts of the HIVED fulfillment process on autopilot and save online retailers time and money by speeding up their entire shipping process.

The new HIVED integration is available now on Shiptheory for UK shippers and the shipping platform makes it easy for new customers to get started for free as well.

HIVED is just the latest innovative carrier integration by Shiptheory.

Just last month, the company added Starlinks Global to its growing list of integrations which enables its customers to reach the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region more easily.

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