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Shiptheory Expands Integrations – Adds Etsy and Squarespace

Web-based automated shipping software Shiptheory has added two new integrations with Etsy and Squarespace. The multi-channel platform now has a total of 14 app integrations with leading ecommerce platforms and marketplaces.

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Retailers who use Etsy and Squarespace will now be able to connect their stores to Shiptheory to ship products with a choice of 38 international delivery and courier companies.

“Our new integrations with Etsy and Squarespace equips ecommerce retailers and marketplace sellers with powerful automated shipping tools to advance their ecommerce business at a greater pace than they would using manual shipping practices.”


Mark Mikkelson, Co-founder of Shiptheory

Save Time and Improve Accuracy When Connecting Shiptheory to Etsy and Squarespace

Shiptheory works in the background of Etsy and Squarespace to generate pre-filled shipping labels and send them instantly to their printers within minutes of receiving the order. This saves crucial time versus manually booking and writing out shipping labels.

The Shiptheory shipping rules engine enables users to set which shipping label is created for each order. Shipping rules determine the delivery carrier and service and can be based on a range of criteria such as the order weight, destination, and value.

For international shipping, the cloud-based software provides auto-generated customs documentation, including CN22/CN23 forms and commercial invoices.

Shiptheory’s paperless trade capability sends customs documents straight to the destination country, preventing costly delays or returned packages.

Shiptheory directly connects to Etsy and Squarespace product inventories, enabling users to view product weights and stock levels from multiple online stores and marketplaces in one place.

Here are two videos from Shiptheory explaining how to connect the shipping platform to Etsy and Squarespace.

Connecting Shiptheory to Etsy

Connecting Shiptheory to Squarespace

Shiptheory is cloud-based shipping software for retailers and ecommerce businesses that primarily serves British and European marketplace sellers and online merchants.

The platform integrates with popular ecommerce platforms and delivery carriers such as Amazon, Royal Mail, Shopify, FedEx, Magento, and more to print shipping labels automatically.


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