ShipWorks Enhances Its Best Rate Shopping Tool

ShipWorks, the leading software for high performance, high-volume shipping management, has enhanced its best-in-class Best Rate tool, solidifying it as the top option for comparing and shopping shipping rates across multiple carriers, accounts, and services.

The ShipWorks Best Rate tool debuted in 2015, and quickly earned positive industry reviews for its functionality and ease-of-use, including the ability to:

• Automatically display rates and time in transit across multiple carriers, and for the services customers select.
• Shop rates using automatically populated shipping settings, such as dimensions and package weights based on shipping profiles and shipping rules.
• Shop rates for a specific service level (number of days in transit).

ShipWorks Best Rate New Features

While Best Rate continues to be the preferred shopping tool for many large online merchants, ShipWorks wanted to make the product even more robust in time for ecommerce’s busy holiday season. New features include:

  • The ability to add multiple accounts for each carrier. Example – If a user has two UPS, two FedEx, and three USPS accounts, they can search all of those to see which one offers the best rate and/or time in transit.
  • The ability for users to uncheck specific services within each carrier. This simplifies options while rate shopping to show only the services that apply to the user. Example – If a user has never shipped freight or overnight, those options can be unchecked so they don’t appear.

“ShipWorks is committed to giving our customers the tools they need for growth and success, and our Best Rate tool is a great example of that. Our Best Rate tool has been unrivaled since its launch, but continuous improvement is in our DNA. We are constantly looking for ways to improve and innovate. Enhancements like these provide our customers customized shipping options that allow them to efficiently select the best shipping option for each of their packages, even as carriers and rates change.”

Dominic Lozano, General Manager, ShipWorks 

The ShipWorks Best Rate tool can be applied to packages, including USPS Cubic Soft Pack.

Shipping Solutions Made Even More Efficient

The Best Rate shopping tool enhancement is one of many major improvements to the ShipWorks software in 2019.

ShipWorks launched a hybrid desktop/cloud solution earlier this year, giving ShipWorks unparalleled speed and reliability with the desktop, plus the flexibility and usability of the cloud.

ShipWorks also launched ShipWorks for Warehouse, a modular shipping solution that integrates directly with a WMS (and other systems), delivering immediate multi-carrier label generation while guaranteeing the best rate across all carriers for every single order.

Among the key solution benefits: a single barcode scan automatically generates a shipping label based on the best rate and customized rules/preferences.

In addition, ShipWorks released scan-based picking/packing verification to ensure order accuracy without requiring a team to make a decision or touch the keyboard.

Have you ever used ShipWorks’ Best Rate shipping tool?

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