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The sarcastic among us would say, what, really? This is news? eCommerce Checkout on your own secure domain?

Shopify is making a lot of news lately with improving parts of its service. Yes, it seems a bit silly that something many eCommerce sellers take for granted is a news story.

However, as Shopify improves the platform and cleans up their dashboard and adds integrations, this is just one of those small annoyances that lingered for a while.

Up to now most Shopify stores directed to for checkout. While this may have impacted some conversion, it just looked unprofessional.

Starting at the end of July, Shopify will provide a free basic SSL certificate to all stores. It’s not clear whose certificate they are using, but we will assume it is Let’s Encrypt as they are a sponsor.

The activation will be automatic, and there is no setup required.


If you are a high volume Shopify Plus customer, Shopify will provide you with a free Extended Verification (EV) SSL certificate. This advanced feature adds another level of trust for enterprise customers.

Shopify Plus customers will also be able to customize the checkout process with the new EV-SSL certificate. The migration to the new SSL checkout will happen on August 20th, giving enterprise customers extra time to make changes.

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