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Shopify launched a new App called Shopcodes that allows Shopify sellers to create QR codes that directly send customers to a product page.

QR codes are the cryptic looking codes that you may have often seen on product advertisements, packages, or other printed materials. QR stands for “Quick Response” and the design is a two-dimensional barcode.

Created in 1994 for automotive production to track vehicles during the manufacturing process, they gained popularity in the last ten years with the introduction of smartphones.

Starting with IOS 11, Apple is natively supporting the QR codes in the camera app, and many Android phones have QR code readers pre-installed by the manufacturer.


QR codes for eCommerce are particularly useful for offline marketing campaigns.

If you participate in offline events such as trade shows, mall events, pop-up stores, or maybe you have physical retail stores with displays, Shopify’s new app allows you to create QR codes that you can place with your product displays.

shopify shopcodes qr codeAs an example, you could put a placard with the QR code and invite shoppers to use the QR code to learn more about the product on their smartphone.

The Shopify QR code app generates a unique URL link to your product page that is trackable within the Shopify Analytics dashboard. By using the Shopify QR codes and Shopify Analytics, you know how well your offline marketing is working.

Another great use of QR codes is in the use of marketing materials that you may include in orders. The product a customer bought may be complemented with another product, so you could add a flyer to the shipment inviting your customer to learn more about an add-on product that complements the item they purchased.

In essence, you have another opportunity to upsell your customer with a flyer and providing a direct link to a product page for immediate purchase.


If you own a Shopify store, install the Shopcodes app, and you can create QR codes that directly send a customer to the product page or checkout (with the product selected) when scanned.

It is even possible to add discounts to QR codes with Shopcodes to provide shoppers exclusive savings for using the QR code.

Once you create the QR code, you just download a PNG or SVG file and use it in your marketing materials.


While QR codes are not sexy or revolutionary, the free Shopcodes app is another example of how the company is providing value for store owners.

What do you think? Can you see a use for QR codes in your marketing or product support materials? We love to hear your thoughts about Shopcodes in the comments section below.

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