Shopify Thanksgiving Day Data 2020

Shopify merchants are enjoying a strong start to the Thanksgiving/Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend.

The company looked at the online and offline sales made through Shopify’s platform by more than one million merchants in over 175 countries.

According to the Thanksgiving Day data* provided by the online commerce platform, the peak sales per minute hit a high of $919,000+ on Thursday at 4:35pm EST globally.

Top selling cities on Thanksgiving day are Los Angeles (California), New York (New York), London (UK), Vernon (California), and Southbank (Victoria, Australia).

Globally, the average dollar volume was $86.80 with mobile orders exceeding desktop orders about 2:1 (mobile: 69% and desktop 31%).

Apparel & Accessories was the top category of the day, followed by Health & Beauty, Home & Garden, Electronics, and Media.

In the United States, the top selling cities were Los Angeles, New York, Vernon (CA), San Francisco, and Gardena (CA) with average cart price of $90.40.

US consumers followed the global trend of about 2 to 1 mobile vs desktop purchases (71% vs 29%) and the five top categories being the same.

In Canada, the top selling cities were Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Richmond Hill, and Winnipeg and the average cart price was $128.39 CAD (about $98.82 USD), again a slightly higher average over the global number.

By comparison to global and US numbers, while Canadians still favored mobile devices, the percentage of mobile sales in Canada was lower, coming in at 62% versus desktop at 38%.

The top five categories were also the same for Canadian shoppers as they matched global and US trends on Shopify.

While Thanksgiving is a major holiday in the US and globally it is just a “normal” shopping day, the peak sales hour in the US and Canada was the same 9pm hour on Shopify.

Shopify Thanksgiving Day 2019 Versus 2020

This year, Shopify did not provide a total number of sales on its platform for Thanksgiving day (2019 was $442 million), but there are still some metrics that indicate 2020 was a much stronger day for Shopify merchants.

For example, the peak sales per minute in 2020 was $919,000 while in 2019 it was $671,000. The average cart price went up from $81.12 in 2019 to $86.80 in 2020.

But one interesting number that is significantly different is the peak sales hour in the US. Last year Shopify reported it to be the 3pm hour, while this year it was the 9pm hour.

Based on this first data release from Shopify, it appears merchants on its platform are doing very well.

Today’s Black Friday data will be interesting as it will show how much COVID may affect today’s online sales with more shoppers shunning retail stores because of the pandemic.

It seems there is no shortage of online Black Friday specials showing up in in-boxes. Some retailers are limiting store access for health and safety reasons and have shifted their biggest discounts to online

This is a significant departure from history when shoppers stood outside for hours to get their hands on some deeply discounted doorbuster deals.

With Thanksgiving Day being the “official” start of the holiday season sales period, it already appears online sales will dominate this holiday season and online merchants of all sizes are poised to benefit from this shift in consumer shopping due to COVID-19.

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*Shopify data reflects November 26th 00:00 UTC to November 27th 9:30 UTC. A live data feed from Shopify is available here.

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