Shopify announced that it has expanded its existing integration with Instagram to include shopping stickers on Instagram stories.

Instagram stories provide a less permanent way to promote content as stories disappear after 24 hours, similar to Snapchat’s My Stories.

This is an ideal way for merchants to run short-term promotions such as flash sales, introductory, or limited quantity sales.

“Instagram Stories present a tremendous opportunity to creatively showcase your products, and with over 400 million daily active users and growing, the potential for engagement is high. When you add a shopping sticker to a product within a story, users can simply tap to learn more about the product tagged, and then tap again to make a purchase.”

Shopify Blog Post About New Feature

New Explore Tab

What appears to be a sign to prepare users for the upcoming shopping app, Instagram is also rolling out a shopping category in the Explore tab that will feature product tagged content from various user posts.

The Explore tab algorithmically organizes and suggests content based on a user’s unique interests and likes.

This is a huge opportunity for Shopify merchants to get their brand and products in front of new customers with professional product shots or user-generated product use content.

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Instagram The Marketplace

All of these updates just as we enter the important holiday season shopping season again reinforce the notion that Instagram is becoming a hybrid social media platform and shopping marketplace.

With about 1 billion users, Instagram is far larger than any global marketplace and offers online retailers with a sales growth opportunity to reach a global audience.

To learn more about how the Instagram integration works on Shopify, head over to their website.

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