Shopify offers new free stock photography site Burst

Shopify Burst is a new offering from Shopify. Burst is a royalty free stock photography site for use by anyone that runs a website.

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The images are offered under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license and do not require a photo credit or a Shopify account. Of course, Shopify encourages crediting the source, but no legal requirement exists to do so.

Many small startups often struggle to find free legal theme supporting stock photography. These type of visuals can be very helpful in setting the look and feel of a site or listing template.

You can sign up for services like Adobe Stock, which are priced very reasonably. But when you are a Microbusiness or just starting out, every cent counts.

Shopify does not limit the use of the images only to their site or their clients. They openly admit you can freely use them on blogs, banner ads, even your eCommerce site.

Basically, any ethical use of their stock photography is allowed

The catalog of stock photography is not as deep as you would find on pay services such as Adobe Stock. And they seem to tailor to some specific audiences.

However, the quality of the images is fantastic and equals quality you would find on most paysites. So you can now polish your site with high-quality stock photography without looking like you are saving on visuals.


Really the best part is that you are getting free images without worrying about legal issues. We know how many people just grab images from Google Image or other websites. But when used in an eCommerce setting, you really need authorization from the owner to use them.

Since Burst is run by Shopify, you are assured that all images are truly CC0 and this license cannot be revoked. A little piece of mind to know you are following best practices and the law is always good.

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