Meetups and Seller Conferences are great ways for online merchants to connect with industry partners and marketplace key personnel.

Sellers can build personal relationships with key people that may help them solve problems, expand their business, or streamline operations.

The company on an annual basis already holds a partner and developer conference called Shopify Unite. While not really a seller conference, some do follow developments from it as it provides a glimpse of the future of the platform.

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But this fall, Shopify is holding five two-day seller conferences (Shopify Pursuit) around the globe in New York City, London, Berlin, Melbourne, and Bangalore.

Each conference offers a slightly different agenda specifically tailored for that country.

Shopify Pursuit Conference Speakers

Here is a list of scheduled speakers for each conference:

New York City, USA (Sept 20-21)

  • Atlee Clark, Shopify – Shopify Keynote
  • Alex O’Byrne, We Make Websites – Million Dollar Agency: Proven branding and marketing tactics for your agency
  • Kelly Vaughn, Taproom Agency – Building an Agency: Five lessons learned (so far)
  • John Sampogna, Wondersauce – Expanding on your core service offering

London, UK (Oct 1-2)

  • Amy Thibodeau, Shopify – Shopify Keynote
  • Michael Shannon, Pixelcabin – Distributed growth: avoiding isolation in remote teams
  • Mariko Naber, Sellyourstuffonline – Build your brand with content marketing
  • Dan Conboy, Statement – How to grow your brand and connect with the community

Berlin, Germany (Oct 8-9)

  • Brennan Loh, Shopify – Shopify Keynote
  • Patrick Rosenblatt, E-shop Guide – Finding your niche in the German market
  • Olivia Kuczynski & Michael Morales, Maukau – Challenges when scaling a small agency
  • Bob Rockland, Code.NL – Pushing the technical limits of Shopify

Melbourne, Australia (Nov 8-9)

  • Brandon Chu, Shopify – Shopify keynote
  • Laura Qureshi, Overdose – Scaling your business to support the enterprise merchant
  • Danny Phillips, Arkade – How agencies can work with multi-channel brands to increase overall conversion
  • Ben Moore, Pixel Union – Zero to 360: Opportunities and obstacles when building a multi-disciplinary team

Bangalore, India (Nov 22-23)

  • Charlie Elliot, Shopify – Shopify Keynote
  • Shashank Kumar, PushOwl – Growing your app into a product company
  • Shashwat Swaroop, Marmeto – Multiplying merchant growth
  • Tony Bui, Seller Smith – Uncovering opportunities in emerging markets

To register for these conferences, just go to Shopify’s registration page here. Seats are limited but as of this writing, all conferences still had openings.

Do you plan to attend one of the Shopify Pursuit seller conferences? Head over to our Facebook Discussion Group or use the comments section below.

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