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Shopify Size.Link Tool Allows Customers to Visualize Product Fit in Their Own Space


Have you ever wondered if an item fits on your shelf, floor or other space? Shopify’s new tool using your smartphone can help shoppers make better decisions.

The new free tool built by Shopify lets anyone view the size of a product in the space around them using their smartphone camera.

With it, shoppers can create size links for a merchant’s product, which customers can click to visualize dimensions directly through their mobile browsers using augmented reality (AR).

With a size link, shoppers can see what 11 in x 6in x 13in looks like is as simple as clicking a link, pointing a smartphone camera at any surface, and viewing it in the intended use space.

How to Create and Use Size Links

It is super simple for anyone to create their own size links to immediately visualize the size of a product or share a link with pre-filled dimensions for others to use.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Visit
  2. Enter the length, width, and height of the product.
  3. Click the “Create 3D box” button to generate a size link, which will open an augmented reality viewer with your pre-filled dimensions when clicked.
  4. Copy the size link and paste it on any webpage or share it directly with your customers.

Size links can be used on product pages with a simple “view it in your space” call to action.

Merchants can also use them in customer support conversations over live chat and email, include them in curbside pickup instructions, or in any context where it would be helpful to quickly visualize a set of dimensions.

No Shopify Store Required

Best of all, this free tool doesn’t require the use of a Shopify Store and can be used by any merchant on any platform.

However, sellers on eBay, Amazon, and other marketplaces have restrictions about offering “outside links,” so it would not be advisable for most marketplace sellers.

Advanced 3D Modeling Available For Shopify Merchants

Shopify merchants do have access to more advanced features through the company’s 3D modeling marketplace where merchants can hire experts to turn photos of their products into high-quality 3D models which can be uploaded to product pages on Shopify.

With custom 3D models, shoppers can view the exact item and size in every detail from any angle in their own space.

These kinds of advanced features enable Shopify merchants to offer their customers more information and detail which should lead to higher conversion and fewer returns.

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