ShopKeep, the cloud-based technology solution that transforms an iPad into a smart, connected cash register and is used by more than 23,000 independent businesses, today announced a partnership with eCommerce software provider BigCommerce.

This partnership enables ShopKeep merchants the ability to seamlessly integrate the BigCommerce eCommerce platform through their POS system.

ShopKeep customers can now tap into secure and robust omni-channel capabilities to extend their brand beyond the physical storefront, bolstering customer access and loyalty to drive sales growth.

“Historically, retailers selling both in-store and online have been forced to manage individual channel sales through disparate systems, often resulting in operational strain. By integrating two best of breed solutions, we’re giving ShopKeep’s customers the ability to manage inventory and their full product catalogue for both online and in-store channels through a single back-end office solution, which increases visibility and enables merchants to focus on growing their business,” said Russell Klein, Senior Vice President of Corporate Development at BigCommerce.

BigCommerce continues to make news with powerful integrations as it is in a battle with Shopify on eCommerce platform SaaS supremacy.

While some people predict local retail is dying, the fact is that many brick and mortar retailers are using eCommerce to expand their reach.

After the holiday season we hear from big box stores like Macy’s how they are loosing to online retailers like Amazon, but smaller brick and mortar stores may have a great opportunity to expand into eCommerce and being able to complement their business’ sales and bottom line.

We predict we will see more of these type of integrations in the future and the price points to integrate your store traffic with eCommerce are reasonable for SMBs.

Unlike big box stores, most SMBs do not have think about old investment in large spaces and real estate and how to divest themselves from these properties. This allows YOU as a SMB to look forward and concentrate on expansion, instead of backward and divestment.

If you have a physical store, are you using eCommerce yet? If so, how difficult has this integration been and do you see integrations like ShopKeep and BigCommerce as a potential time saver?

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