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As a small business, you may struggle with customer service and customer retention. They are the two essential elements of any business. Since customers are becoming demanding, it is daunting to keep them with instant access. However, you must thank the live chat software – As they provide the right tool for the customers just at the fingertips. Well, literally they work on the fingertip.

What is Live chat?

American Online Consumer reveals that 68% of the customers engage in Live chat while purchasing, and 63% of them come back to the live chat when they repeat purchase. Almost all the ecommerce websites have been adding live chat support as part of the customer help desk. The live chat software is a tool that provides the real-time answer to the customers, and it holds them without leaving the sites.

A simple solution to “Time can’t wait, nor do the customers.” live chat support helps the customer to connect with your brand in the best way possible. Also, they add a human factor to the website that allocates the customer service agents respectively to the people who require assistance.

What type of customers uses Live Chat?

When it comes to ecommerce, the small business has to understand the broader spectrum of distinguishing the buyers in two different categories. They are potential buyers and existing customers. However, they use the live chat support entirely in different scenarios. The potential buyers use online customer chat when they

  • Are keen to know about the product specification
  • Have trouble in choosing the specific product as per the requirement
  • Want to compare the products

These are extreme scenarios where the chat agent can influence the purchase decision. The Live agent survey says that 38% of the customers make decisions because of the live chat. Sales are converted by the sales agents here if they are appropriately trained.

The second group of people is most familiar with your business. They are existing customers who use the live chat When they want

  • To ask about replacing or returning the products
  • To know the status of the order placed on the website
  • To improve the service or if there is an error while placing the order

Here the chat agents play a huge role in retaining the customers. They provide convenience for the customers as they not only maintain the relationship but increase the conversion.

There is a lot more to do with the live chat, especially if you are a small business. Hence we have summed up five critical reasons why the small business should use live chat software.

1. Increase quality sales and conversions

The website becomes the central alley for the small business can generate leads. Live chat helps in turning these leads into customers. With the most valuable insights gained, you can lean the insights and behavior pattern of your audience. You can always pull the right string with the personalized message and get them on board for your brand experience.

It is a proven fact that the Live chat can increase the conversion rate up to 20%. The strategy here is very simple, assist the website visitors with the queries and be in the circle of instant access. This encourages them to buy your product or service with confidence.

For any small business or startup, customer loyalty and trust will take you a long way. By personalizing, messages in the Live chat will help you build personal connections and have more conversion with the business growth.

Helping the customers at the right time will walk them into a quick-decision making. Live chat becomes an asset to your company as they increase the average order value for the purchases made. This makes it clear that it happy customers mean more revenue and fewer refunds.

2. Live chat is cost effective

Customer support can be highly expensive. It is a tedious process to make a proper system with the call center. Imagine handling two calls simultaneously. Looks rough right? Now that’s where live chat support comes into the play. They are an excellent way to reduce the cost as hiring the resources have been the most significant constraint for the startup.

Telus International Research reveals that if the agents are trained well, they can handle up to six different chats simultaneously. However, this also depends on the intensity of the problem address. Even then, the complexity is distributed in a small team to resolve multiple queries. Technographic survey says it is 50% cheaper than handling calls.

  • Live chat for startups and small business helps saving money with the two main reasons
  • The customers are delivered with the instance access on real-time ensuring the increase in order value. You satisfy the customer with the exact requirement posted.
  • They help the customer desk costs by providing faster resolution with the minimal queue time.

3. Building a competitive advantage

Many small businesses do still not understand the benefit of using Live chat on their websites. The super office CRM Company found that out of 1000 sites, only 9% of them use live Chat. However, it is high time to realize the fact that it is the power of persuasion when you deal with varied customers.

At the same time, the live chat also gains the competitive edge over the competitors. Not just small business, even the corporates are acknowledging the real-time customer service as the business rivals are increasing day by day.

Therefore the live chat can help you stand out of your competitors in the market. As you start the interaction with the customers, you can understand the behavior pattern of the consumers. You `will be easily able to distinguish where you have the selling point over your other competitors. It will improve the efficiency to serve the customers and study where not to go wrong.

4. Enhances customer experience

The direct goal of improving the website experience will result in improving the customer experience. The live chat appears on the home page, which helps the visitors to navigate the products easily. It gives the confidence that you are just one click away.

The Forrester Research is the perfect example explaining how the customer experience is improved with the live Chat. It is seen that 57% of the customers abandon the purchase if they do not get the reply instantly. However, 44% of the customers agree that the questions answered during the middle of the purchase are one of the important features admired that has been in the websites.

There are multiple methods to implement live chat in a better way. Some business adds the Live chat in their error pages like 404. As soon as they see the chat agent, the chances of closing the tabs become minimal. The latest trend with the chat is the live engagement tool. This can be co-browsing or video chat conversations which help you acquire customers.

5. Making customers forever

One of the essential advantages of live Chat is that you can build a unique long-term relationship with the customers. With various choices available, it is easy to earn the customers for small business, but retaining them is a significant constraint.  Satisfied customers are statistically less likely to switch. Effective communication can do it better. So Live chat is the right tool to accomplish a forever relationship with the customers.

Multiple studies show the concept of ‘familiarity ‘attributes for two main reasons. One for the customers tends to come back because they find the brand familiar. Secondly, the cost deployed to retain the customers is minimal.

Always listen to the customers, not just about the products and services. However, about their journey in purchasing them, feedbacks, and suggestions to improve, ask them where you have left behind. That’s how you establish the relationship stronger with the customers. Offer them with the positive experience that they can share it and help you to expand the business further.

Three important things to look for live chat

Great live chat support is not just all about helping the customer but also for you to engage and improve with the current and future business. Here are the few things that you need to look for while you are selecting the right live chat for the business

Customized chat box

Every brand will have its theme, color, and other visual representations. As a small business, you need to ensure that the customers remember them significantly.  Therefore pick the chat box which comes with the customization features. This will include font style, colors, images, animation, and text.

The newest of the trend in customizing is that your customers also get the ability to change them based on their interest. Also, include the option for the transcription copies as soon as they leave the chat.

Scheduling chat

Of course! You cannot be online all the time. Also, as a small business, it is not easy to employ the resources for 24/7. However, when you are not available, a simple gesture that you care for the customers will help you get them back. Make a schedule which displays when you will be available to talk. With the live chat scheduling, you can never miss out on the leads.

The chat will be stored as email capture, and you can use them to get in touch with the customers when you are back.

Generating reports

Look for the live chat that has the option for metrics and transcriptions. You can’t improve your business further if you can’t track the customers. The transcriptions will help you to record the replies, comments, feedback, and suggestion given by the customers. By storing the data, you can analyze the interactions and come up with different communication strategies to resolve the issues instantly.


Undoubtedly, the small business should deploy live Chat tool as a useful communication tool. As the adoption trends of many companies have been mentioned in the article will help you understand the importance and edge of using them. Implementing the live chat becomes a customer-centric strategy for the business. All you need to do is to look for the right live chat support that fits your business perfectly.

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  1. Real-time nature of live chat is more efficient and effective. Chatbots can offer an instant solution to the customers and thus gain the trust of your customers. You can communicate better with them and in turn create a loyal customer base. And adding AI to chatbots can be a wise decision for all industries starting from small to large companies. For instance, CSAT.AI, Salesforce Einstein, MaestroQA, etc are few of the tools which have been adopted by many of the companies. Do check them out.

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