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Smartphone Sales Make Up Half of All eCommerce Sales In UK

Smartphones are everywhere, and they are increasingly playing a bigger role in eCommerce. For the first time, purchases using smartphones have been greater than that coming from tablets. This marks a big step as mobile eCommerce is becoming more dominant.

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Purchases coming from smartphones now represent around 49.7 percent of all eCommerce sales. That is a significant amount, and one that will likely only increase as more people are using and buying smartphones. Smartphone purchases now amount to 20 billion Euros in the UK for this year.

Smartphones Get Bigger and So Do Sales

There is little sign that this will slow down anytime soon. It is predicted that by 2021 purchases using smartphones would be around 56 percent of all eCommerce sales. That is over the use of tablets.

Tablet use has been great in the UK, much greater than the rest of Europe. However, smartphones are growing in popularity as they are more portable and can be put in the pocket more easily.

This is likely due to the growth of mobile phone screens.  With the iPhone Plus models, the Google XL as examples of mobile phones with larger screens, will tablets soon become redundant?

This is the advantage of the smartphone over the tablet, and that is portability. People like to be able to connect anywhere and at the same time have less to carry around. The smartphone is the perfect item to use in such a situation. Couple that with mobile eCommerce, and the smartphone has much more use and practicality than that of the tablet.

By 2021 eCommerce will grow even more in the UK, making up for over a quarter of all retail sales. In part this is due to people having more access online anywhere. With wifi around, people can do transactions online from anywhere on their smartphones.

“Outside of China, the UK is the world’s most advanced eCommerce market in terms of proportional sales, eCommerce sales continue to post strong growth” Bill Fisher, Senior Analyst, eMarketer.

How big do you think smartphones’ role in eCommerce would be in the coming years? Leave your comments below.

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