SnapPay Mobile Payment with AliPay

SnapPay connects North American merchants to AliPay and WeChat Pay

SnapPay is now available for Chinese mobile payment applications Alipay and WeChat Pay.

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Offering Chinese mobile payments provides small businesses in North America the opportunity to secure substantial incremental revenue and drive customer loyalty.

With SnapPay’s payment gateway, retailers and merchants can accept preferred Chinese payment methods with minimal effort and training time.

SnapPay provides a payment solution that enables consumers to digitally pay in Chinese currency, while merchants get paid in US or Canadian currency.

SnapPay lowers the cost per transaction for both merchant and consumer, while providing a better customer experience by offering Chinese consumers the option to pay with the mobile apps and currency they are familiar with.

“Implementing SnapPay was very simple; it took only one-day to integrate into our POS, and now Chinese mobile payments account for a significant percent of all transactions.”

Christopher Sidhu, Owner at Due West

SnapPay markets to Chinese consumers

SnapPay provides robust marketing solutions for clients in their native language on Chinese social platforms to drive consumer community engagement with brands at a local, hyper-targeted level. Engaging consumers on Alipay and WeChat Pay is critical to driving spend.

“By offering Alipay and WeChat Pay, Canadian and US small and large businesses are enhancing the shopping, dining and entertainment experience, while saving money for millions of Chinese shoppers, visitors and students. Merchants typically see a marked increase in revenue from their Chinese customer segment after deploying SnapPay and our related promotional programs.”

Spencer Xu, CEO, SnapPay, Inc.

The number of Chinese visitors, immigrants, and students in North America per year, has been steadily rising; providing small businesses with an opportunity to capitalize on a large and ever-increasing customer segment.

For example, according to Destination Canada, there were 737,000 visitors from China in 2018, doubling the number of annual travelers since 2013, with an average yearly growth rate of 16%.

Even with the trade war between the US and China, the opportunity to attract Chinese consumers will continue to grow.

Especially retailers with an online presence can build long-term customer relationships by offering an integrated in-store and online Chinese payment options.

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