SourceKnowledge Launches Targeted Ad Delivery Solution for BigCommerce Merchants

SourceKnowledge, an open web ad network that increases yield for publishers and incremental reach for retailers, announced on Tuesday a new partner integration with BigCommerce.

What you need to know: This new integration for BigCommerce saves merchants time and development resources by automatically completing the required steps to easily advertise through SourceKnowledge.

BigCommerce merchants can seamlessly connect SourceKnowledge to their storefront, allowing them to instantly create ads based on their existing catalog — extending the reach of campaigns beyond the walled gardens of Google, Facebook and Amazon.

How it works: Once installed, the BigCommerce merchant’s website will automatically be tagged with the SourceKnowledge pixel to serve ads to the store’s visitors.

The SourceKnowledge Shopping Ads app also automatically generates a product feed from the store’s catalog to run Product Listing Ads (PLAs), Dynamic Product Listing Ads (dPLAs) as well as retargeting ads to active shoppers who have shown interest in the products.

The product feeds include titles, descriptions, images and prices allowing for easy distribution to partner channels.

Go deeper: SourceKnowledge is a performance-based ad network, so measurement is fundamental.

In the self-serve platform, merchants can easily track sales, revenue, average order amounts, new customer acquisition, return on ad spend (RoAS) and cost-per-acquisition (CPA) of the advertising campaign.

What they’re saying: “BigCommerce has made it easier for B2C and B2B merchants to sell their products online and we believe that advertising those products should be just as turnkey,” said Hector Pantazopoulos, co-founder and CRO at SourceKnowledge.

“The SourceKnowledge extension for BigCommerce helps advertisers expand beyond the natural saturation point of walled gardens advertising and access high-converting traffic on the open web.

“In today’s economic climate, SourceKnowledge makes it easier for merchants to get ahead with goal-based advertising campaigns.”

Of note: SourceKnowledge already has direct integrations with several other major eCommerce platforms — Shopify, WooCommerce and Magento.

If a merchant is not using one of the integrated plugins, they can manually place SourceKnowledge pixels to still easily upload a shopping feed for open-web advertising.

The SourceKnowledge Shopping Ads app is now available in the BigCommerce App store.

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