Squarespace Launches New Subscription Option for Merchants

eCommerce platform Squarespace announced they launched a new subscription feature for its merchants to enable them to sell product or service subscriptions.

Whether a merchant is selling an ongoing monthly subscription box, temporary seasonal product, or a repeating service, they will have flexibility in setting up up recurring and limited subscriptions that best meet their customers’ needs.

Using subscriptions can help boost sales without continuing marketing efforts as customers sign up once and keep receiving orders until they cancel the subscription.

Even if they cancel, it gives the merchant an immediate opportunity to send a relevant marketing email, with a possible discount, for new products or offers.

Key Features of Subscriptions

  • Increased revenue: Subscriptions makes it easier to forecast future profits with more accuracy and confidence, which will help merchants make more strategic decisions for their brands’ finances. And on average, subscribers have a higher customer lifetime value than non-subscribers.
  • Order automation: Once a customer purchases a subscription, subsequent orders come in automatically. Squarespace does the work so merchants don’t have to follow up or rebill.
  • Brand ownership: Third-party integrations can clash with the brand that has already been built on Squarespace. Subscriptions gives merchants the ability to provide recurring products to their customers, without compromising on design.
  • Customer loyalty: Customers will no longer need to remember a login for a third-party subscriptions account, and can enjoy a seamless checkout experience on Squarespace. Subscriptions makes it easier for them to continually get the products they love.

With subscriptions on Squarespace, there’s no need to learn about or pay for an additional service.

Source: Squarespace

And merchants don’t have to worry about sending customers through a third-party provider with different branding or confusing design as all transactions take place on the Squarespace website.

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