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Squarespace Releases Member Areas to Help Customers Monetize Content & Add Additional Revenue Streams


eCommerce website platform Squarespace has announced their largest product release of 2020. Member Areas.

Squarespace believes that anyone with a creative idea should be able to share it with the world and develop a business model that works for them. As macro environmental forces impact small businesses and we enter into an unprecedented holiday shopping season, having a robust online presence is more important now than ever.

Because of this Squarespace are excited to release their latest product, Member Areas, providing a new revenue stream opportunity for any Squarespace customers. 

Member Areas allows creators to monetize their content by gating it behind members-only areas. Whether it’s a fitness educator looking to group classes for students by level, an independent publication seeking to paywall its articles, or a running club that wants to privately share its schedule and routes with its members, Member Areas was built to support a wide range of use cases. The feature in an entirely native experience that, like all Squarespace products, is beautifully designed and easy to use.

Image Source: Squarespace

Unlike implementing third party integrations or ad-supported content, Member Areas maintains the quality of a customers’ brand without sacrificing design. The product ensures a seamless and secure user experience for our customers’ members that is consistent across all customer touch points, including website and email campaigns. 

With Member Areas, Squarespace customers benefit from an all-in-one destination to manage their website, email marketing, memberships and eCommerce tools, and have the ability to grow their business as Squarespace expands with new features.

Squarespace Merchants will now be able to:

  • Create fully customizable groups that work for their specific business needs  
  • Offer membership levels
  • Create multiple members-only areas on their website
  • Easily manage members in one convenient location 
  • Set membership costs that are either a one-time fee, recurring membership payment, or free of charge

Member Areas is available as an add-on product to any Squarespace website subscription and plans start at $9 a month.

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