StockX Expands Access to Professional Seller Tools

StockX has expanded access to its comprehensive suite of seller tools, making it easier for professional sellers to grow their business on the marketplace.

The company offers three advanced selling tools providing a range of seller benefits, including cross-platform selling, inventory management, and bulk selling. These tools include:

  • StockX Pro: A bulk-editing tool to efficiently manage and edit multiple items on the marketplace.
  • Scout: A cross-selling tool enabling sellers to share listings on any platform, on- or offline. No more manual spreadsheets.
  • StockX Developers: The marketplace’s advanced API, which allows high-volume and multichannel sellers to integrate order management into their existing workflow.

With each of these three tools, professional sellers can customize their workflow and operations based on what works best for their business.

The advanced suite of seller tools had been available since 2021 to select sellers, but StockX is now making these tools available to a broader group of sellers.

“As a two-sided marketplace, our sellers play a crucial role in our success. Millions of people have counted on StockX for access to in-demand products, and we’ve been able to deliver on that promise, in large part, because of our robust seller community,” said Russ Amidon, Senior Director of Account Management at StockX.

Since the company’s launch in 2016, over 1.5 million lifetime sellers have made well over 40 million trades on the platform, making StockX a vibrant marketplace for authentic sneakers, apparel, electronics, collectibles, and other designer products.

“For that reason, we’re constantly working to enhance our systems and processes to further streamline the seller experience and foster growth in their businesses. When we help sellers drive velocity on our platform, the end result benefits buyers as well,” added Amidon.

StockX – The Professional Seller Opportunity

The broader availability of these seller tools will make StockX even more interesting for professional sellers, especially those that use other ecommerce platforms.

StockX’s suite of sellers tools provides the necessary integrations and features to enable multichannel selling, inventory management, and order processing.

While the three advanced sellers tools offer added efficiencies for higher volume sellers, StockX offers business friendly benefits for all sellers, including:

  • Lower Fees and Bonuses: Sellers can lower their fees by selling more on the platform, and can earn additional discounts by adhering to marketplace standards.
  • Early Payouts: StockX offers early payouts as soon as the order is shipped to a StockX authentication center to qualifying sellers.
  • Bulk Shipping: By bundling product shipments to StockX authentication centers, sellers can make their order fulfillment more efficient. And as an added bonus, StockX waives shipping fees when shipping in bulk.

StockX has increasingly become a go-to platform, not just for buyers and collectors, but for professional business sellers. According to StockX, the marketplace has been used by over 12 million lifetime buyers since 2016.

The company continues to grow its global footprint of authentication centers and just opened its first facility in Mexico.

Currently, the company operates 6 authentication centers domestically and 9 internationally, enabling buyers to receive their authenticated products faster than on most platforms offering similar services.

There appears to be a lot of opportunity for professional sellers on the StockX marketplace to benefit from its rapid growth, not just in the U.S., but also globally.

Expanding access to the advanced suite of StockX seller tools is a key development that should help the marketplace attract more business sellers and expand its available inventory for buyers worldwide.

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