StockX Report: Brand Making Moves 2023

New StockX Report Unveils What’s Hot in Sneakers, Fashion, and Collectibles Leading Into the Holiday Season

A new trend report by StockX, a leading marketplace for all things related to current culture, sheds light on the brands that are making significant moves across sneakers, shoes, apparel, accessories, and collectibles.

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The report, titled ‘Big Facts: Brands Making Moves,’ takes a deep dive into the fastest-growing brands in fashion and culture on the marketplace, revealing fascinating insights.

A total of 25 brands have earned their spots in the rankings based on a thorough comparison of global trade data between January and July 2023, and the same period in 2022 (year-over-year). The report highlights the brands that have experienced the greatest growth on the secondary market throughout the year.

“As a global marketplace rooted in data, we have a unique perspective on the trends, designers, and moments that are making an impact on the current culture consumer,” said StockX CEO Scott Cutler.

“Success on the secondary market can be a barometer for consumer demand, and this report proves that despite a more challenging retail environment, brands are still breaking through and demonstrating growth.”

Running Brands Step Into the Spotlight

Running shoes have not only found their place in sneaker culture but have become a driving force in the industry and on StockX. Brands like On (+15,357%), Salomon (+202%), and Asics (+72%) have witnessed remarkable growth in 2023.

These brands have successfully merged performance with style, collaborating with cultural icons to encourage people to embrace running silhouettes for everyday wear. Collaborations with Kith, Loewe, Sandy Liang, JJJJound, and more have contributed to their popularity.

New Balance’s Continued Success

New Balance, known for its comfortable and stylish sneakers, has managed to capture attention once again. Despite narrowly missing the top five, it’s the only sneaker brand that ranks among both the top 10 fastest-growing and top 10 best-selling sneaker brands on StockX.

Their classic silhouettes, including the 550, 2002R, and 9060, have led to tens of thousands more trades in 2023 compared to the previous year.

Slip-On Favorites and Collaborations

Ugg (No. 1) and Birkenstock (No. 2) have made a triumphant return to the spotlight. Ugg’s growth soared by an impressive 836%, while Birkenstock followed suit with a 492% increase.

Collaborations, like Birkenstock’s Fear of God collection, and demand for Ugg’s Tasman and Tazz slippers, have played a significant role. Crocs also secured a spot on the list (No. 5) thanks to their collaborative releases with creative minds like Salehe Bembury and SZA.

Emerging Apparel Brands Shine

Represent, a British streetwear brand established in 2011, leads the pack with over 300% growth. Sp5der and Denim Tears, founded in 2019, hold the No. 2 and No. 3 spots with growth rates of 224% and 181%, respectively.

And Streetwear pioneer Stüssy completes the top five with 141% trade growth year-over-year.

Accessories and Collectibles Take the Stage

In the accessories category, Oakley takes the lead with a 315% increase in trades, driven by renewed interest in wraparound and performance sunglasses. Marc Jacobs also experienced nearly 200% growth, thanks to sustained interest in their iconic tote bag.

Notably, the collectibles market also saw a boost, with Cactus Plant Flea Market (No. 1) and Tiffany & Co. (No. 2) achieving growth rates of 550% and over 400%, respectively, through successful collaborations and unique releases.

A Path to Seller Success on StockX

StockX’s trend report offers valuable insights into consumer preferences and capitalizing on emerging trends, crucial for sellers to maintain a competitive edge.

With this knowledge, sellers can make informed decisions, curate their offerings, and align with the brands and categories that are driving growth.

By staying attuned to consumer demand and strategically leveraging the findings, sellers can position themselves for success in the dynamic world of fashion and culture commerce. Additionally, StockX’s rigorous authentication services guarantees that buyers receive what they desire.

“We expect the brands on this list to perform well in the coming months and through the Q4 holiday season,” added Cutler.

Here is the link to the latest StockX ‘Big Facts: Brands Making Moves‘ report.

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