StockX Launches Xpress Ship, Delivery of Select Pre-Verified Items in 3 Days

In response to overwhelming demand from its customer base, StockX has unveiled ‘Xpress Ship,’ a delivery service designed to expedite the delivery of select pre-verified items to customers within just three business days.

This move aims to enhance the overall shopping experience on the platform and minimize potential delays associated with traditional order processing.

The new Xpress Ship inventory, sourced exclusively from trusted StockX sellers, encompasses a diverse array of silhouettes and includes some of the hottest-selling sneakers of 2023.

These products undergo the same meticulous and multi-step verification process that StockX is renowned for, ensuring their authenticity and quality. What sets Xpress Ship apart is that these items are pre-verified and stored at StockX facilities, ready for immediate dispatch upon customer purchase.

StockX CEO, Scott Cutler, emphasized that this customer-centric initiative was a direct response to feedback from the StockX community. He stated, “We surveyed tens of thousands of StockX customers, and fast shipping consistently ranked among the most requested features.”

“As a marketplace connecting buyers and sellers, we don’t have complete control over shipping times. This launch gives us more ownership over the pace of deliveries and allows us to offer a better and faster experience for our customers,” he added.

This initial phase of Xpress Ship reflects StockX’s commitment to improving delivery times, broadening the selection of products available for Xpress Ship, and expanding the program’s availability.

StockX Plans To Expand Xpress Ship Beyond the U.S.

The company plans to introduce Xpress Ship to customers outside the United States in 2024, further solidifying its global reach and commitment to enhanced customer experiences.

Xpress Ship represents the latest in a series of customer-centric enhancements introduced by StockX over the past year. In the summer, the company implemented a fee reduction for all sellers worldwide as part of its revamped seller program.

Additionally, earlier this year, StockX launched its innovative Buyer Promise policy, offering customers the option to return their purchases in the event of a company error.

To learn more about Xpress Ship, visit this link here. Shoppers can browse the full range of products eligible for three-day shipping here.

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