Student Beans 12 Days of Insights Report 2022

New Report From Student Beans Provides Insights on How to Reach Gen Z Shoppers in 2022


Student Beans published its latest Gen Z marketing tips identifying important trends and tips for online businesses to reach this growing consumer demographic in 2022.

  • Gen Z is an important demographic for off- and online businesses with US college students alone spending an estimated $303 billion per year.
  • Buy Now, Pay Later is a big hit with Gen Z shoppers as over a third (34%) of US Gen Z consumers have utilized the BNPL option when making a purchase.
  • Social Commerce speaks to this demographic. 60% of US Gen Z’s have bought something after seeing it on Instagram and 55% on TikTok.
  • But it’s not just social media channels that are important. Other technology drives sales as well with Gen Z consumers. 30% of US Gen Zs used Augmented Reality to trial a product.
  • Over half (53%) of Gen Z reported being concerned about Black Friday and Cyber Monday’s impact on the environment. 33% actually avoided making a purchase this year during the traditionally busy holiday shopping weekend.
  • While the report did not get into the overall lackluster sales during the Black Friday / Cyber Monday weekend, the findings add another strong reason why sales on those days failed to meet expectations in 2022.

Student Beans Helps Marketers Succeed with Gen Z

Student Beans is an online platform that helps businesses reach Generation Z shoppers and offers consumer trend data and behavioral insights to uncover tips that help marketers successfully reach Gen Z shoppers.

The free report ‘12 Days of Insights’ from Student Beans is available here. It includes a series of exclusive video guides, reports, and on-demand webinars to help marketers smash their Gen Z strategy in 2022 and beyond.

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