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Target has expanded its Drive Up service to all 50 states in the country to address the demand of its customers for fast and convenient delivery service.

It has reached 1,750 stores, which is more than twice the number of Target stores that offered the service in summer last year.

Drive Up is the retailer’s most popular fulfilment service to date, as customers love the ease of driving up to a nearby Target store and having their online orders brought straight into their car by a sales associate. Plus, everyone can take advantage of this service because it requires no membership.

“We’ve heard the message loud and clear from our guests: They absolutely love the ease and convenience of Drive Up, whether they’re shopping for household essentials, road trip snacks or baby gear.” – Dawn Block, Senior Vice President of Digital, Target Corp.

The company said it has fulfilled more than 5 million orders through Drive Up in the first part of the year, which is more than double the total number of deliveries it fulfilled throughout 2018.

Drive Up in nine more states

Target has managed to make its Drive Up pickup service available nationwide in just a matter of two years. It recently rolled out to Target stores in the following states:

Target logoAlaska
● Hawaii
● Washington
● Oregon
● Idaho
● North Dakota
● South Dakota
● Montana
● Wyoming

Now that it has the whole country covered, Target said it’s all set to make holiday shopping easy for its customers with Drive Up, Order Pickup and same-day delivery by Shipt.

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