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TaxCloud announced that eBay marketplace sellers and users of QuickBooks Online can now connect to TaxCloud to easily manage their US sales tax obligations.

This announcement comes as many more online retailers find themselves having to collect sales tax in additional states since the Supreme Court issued its opinion in South Dakota v. Wayfair in June 2018.

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TaxCloud API

TaxCloud provides a powerful sales tax compliance API, wrapped by an easy-to-use, self-service Cloud platform.

While the TaxCloud website empowers retailers of any size to get started collecting sales tax in any state (or all states) in minutes, the TaxCloud API delivers real-time and batch process sales tax calculations for any address in the US, as well as automated registration, filing & remittance services, audit response and indemnification to its clients.

TaxCloud has previously announced similar integrations with the Amazon Marketplace, Etsy, Shopify, Bonanza, and WooCommerce.

“TaxCloud’s integrations with eBay and QuickBooks Online expands our portfolio of integrations with leading eCommerce platforms supporting sellers ability to be compliant with the changing sales tax landscape in the US. TaxCloud’s investment in integrating with leading platforms is growing and we will be announcing additional integrations shortly.”

TaxCloud CEO David Campbell

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