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The eBay Automotive Parts Opportunity & How It Has Changed Over The Years — Frooition Podcast


eBay has been and continues to be one of the primary shopping destinations for car enthusiasts when it comes to performance or aftermarket car parts not just in the US but around the world.

This drive from the eCommerce marketplace has shown no signs of slowing down, just a few months ago eBay UK partnered with the iconic tv show “Pimp My Ride” and eBay US hosted its own Ultimate Road Trip across a number of states.

For the past few years thanks to the pandemic and global supply chain issues, both new and used car prices soared, resulting in more people than ever before turning to sites like eBay to help maintain and extend the lifespan of their existing vehicles. This in turn created a new buzz around the aftermarket and performance car parts industry and led to a huge opportunity for many sellers.

That opportunity still exists to this day, as fuel prices are coming down yet vehicle prices still remain quite high, huge numbers of buyers are looking for ways that they can maintain or improve their vehicles on a budget.

The eBay Automotive Parts Frooition Podcast Episode

As luck would have it, our very own Richard Meldner here at eSeller365 is an eBay automotive veteran with a number of years of experience in the industry. Here at eSeller365 while we cover a wide range of subjects relating to eCommerce we do have our areas of specialties of which the car parts industry on eBay is certainly one of them.

This is why Richard was recently asked to be a guest on the Frooition podcast hosted by John Hayes, a fellow eCommerce veteran.

You can listen in to the full episode right now here.

In the episode, Richard and John discuss the various nuances of selling car parts on eBay including the variation headache that sellers will be very aware of, as well as the opportunities that exist out there for sellers to increase their visibility over competitors.

If you are an automotive or car parts seller you won’t want to miss this episode, and in all honesty the strategies that Richard shares can be carried across to multiple categories on the eBay marketplace.

We’d like to say a thank you to John at Frooition for featuring us on his podcast.

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