The Queen Elizabeth II Passes Away

The Queen Has Passed Away – What Does This Mean For the UK?

The Queen has sadly passed away after an incredible reign spanning over 70 years. We want to pass on our condolences to the UK and all those impacted by the passing of the figurehead of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth countries.

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Queen Elizabeth II has been a steady constant for those 70 years holding the crown and in that time has experienced the last 14 Presidents of the United States. She only physically met 13 though, sadly Lyndon B. Johnson never had the opportunity to meet Her Majesty.

Whether a royalist or not Queen Elizabeth has a huge amount of respect from across the world and especially in the UK for dedicating her life to the country that she has served for so much of her life.

Through many trials and tribulations, she has remained the one constant in the lives of many, offering words of support through her many years of wisdom to help steady the proverbial ship in troubling waters.

How Does The Queen Passing Impact The Rest of The World?

While the Queen is loved by people around the World, losing a monarch is a big deal to the home country and this is certainly no different for the UK.

Below you can see a list of what you could expect to happen over the coming days and weeks.

  • Firstly Prince Charles will be crowned King and address the nation.
  • Flags will be flown at half-mast across the country
  • The Queens Body will be relocated to London where it will lie in state while funeral plans are finalized.
  • From the announcement of her death, a 12-day period of mourning will begin for the nation.
  • The London Stock Exchange will be closed on the day of her funeral and potentially for other days too.

As the Queen passed away in her Balmoral residence in Scotland “Operation Unicorn” will be put into place to bring her back to London.

Whilst it is not compulsory for employers to grant days off for the funeral there will certainly be plenty of businesses who do so.

At this time it isn’t clear as to what will happen with Royal Mail and how they will handle the period of mourning.

For any businesses that sell products to the UK, it would be a good time to have an understanding that over the next two weeks the country will not be operating as normal due to the period of mourning. Some businesses will be closed on certain days and maybe without much notice.

As any relevant news comes to light that might impact your business then we will share that with you here on eSeller365.

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