The RealReal Kicks Off Consign Commitment Initiative on National Consignment Day

The RealReal has launched the Consign Commitment, a revolutionary pledge that encourages consumers to consign at least one out of every five items from their wardrobe.

The initiative is set to fuel meaningful environmental transformation and generate a more sustainable horizon for the fashion sector.

In line with National Consignment Day, The RealReal is propelling its community of over 33 million members worldwide to reflect on their wardrobe management. The movement is a vibrant call to consumers globally to embrace more sustainable and circular habits in fashion consumption and disposal.

The Consign Commitment seeks to dramatically reduce the amount of textiles that go to waste, offering a second life to high-quality items that are no longer in use.

According to Rati Sahi Levesque, The RealReal’s President and Chief Operating Officer, said that a shocking 2,000 pieces of clothes are discarded every second.

“95% of trashed clothing could be re-worn, recycled, or reused. Especially well-made items,” Levesque highlights.

The initiative aims to revise consumer attitudes towards disposal and promote investment in enduring quality pieces, keeping textiles out of landfills.

A persistent issue, fashion and textile emissions, and waste substantially augment the ongoing climate crisis. Current projections ominously predict a temperature rise of about 3.2°C (5.8°F) above pre-industrial levels by the year 2100, a figure far exceeding the 1.5-degree limit essential to mitigating the harshest impacts of climate change.

The RealReal’s Consign Commitment can make a significant difference in this context. As per insights from McKinsey, recirculating just one in every five items could help realign the fashion industry with the 1.5-degree pathway, as outlined by the Paris Climate Accord.

By empowering and encouraging consumers to resell, recycle, or reuse their clothing, the company aims to diminish fashion and textile waste considerably.

The initiative promises not only to extend the lifespan of quality items but also to revitalize items that have been forgotten in the backs of closets, fostering a global shift towards a more sustainable and conscientious approach to fashion consumption and disposal.

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