Your brand is who you are, what people think when they come into contact with your business, what you value, and what customers will value when they see your products. In Etsy, where thousands of artists are selling their crafts, it is easy for your business to get drowned in the sea of crafts. As such, you have to develop a clear and concise identity.

Branding enables you to beckon new customers to your Etsy business and maintain the loyalty of your existing customers. A branded company can reflect their business story in everything they do, including customer service and marketing.

When developing your brand, you need to know what you are selling (and what makes it unique), who you are selling to, and why it is of value to you. This will allow you to consistently produce quality crafts and enhance the interaction between your business and your customers. Below are easy tips for creating a brand that attracts customers.

What is the story behind your products?

What is the inspiration behind your craft? Buyers will need to know the story behind your business; a personal touch is required to establish the authenticity of your business. So, does the story behind your business fit into your brand?

A good story will attract customers to your business; the story will tap into the emotions of your customers, it will create and maintain trust, it will make people feel special and connected to you, and it makes what you are selling feel special. When people feel connected not only to your craft but also to you and your business, you can sell more.

Is your product different?

What is your unique selling proposition (USP)? Your business USP makes the entire foundation of your Etsy business, of every business. To establish your brand, you have to identify what makes your crafts different and make that known to your customers.

Take an example of Starbucks. They are known for good quality coffee, and you have not tasted good coffee if you have not tasted Starbucks coffee. Apple is known for its premium devices with high price points.

A USP acts as the engine your business; it is the factor that determines the direction your business goes. Once you have developed your USP, you can focus on what you love doing to create quality and meet the needs of your business.

The process of creating USP involves identifying what your customers want and creating a unique product to meet their particular needs.

The words you use to describe your business matter

Your goal when you set up your Etsy craft business is to attract customers to your products. The problem is, most other people have a business exactly like yours. This means that for you to succeed, you have to sell your business differently.

Words are nothing more than utterances, but they reach into the emotions of people. The words you use will determine how people perceive you or your business. The business byline is the first set of words to choose; it should speak directly to the customers and make them feel special and connected to your business. The words you use when marketing also matter.

Do you label your products?

Your handmade items need to be identified with your brand. After you have made quality crafts, you add labels as a signature, a means of identifying your brand.

There are two main reasons why you need to label your handmade items; to give more information on your craft, such as fiber content and size and to sell your business (to show credibility). When labeling crafts, woven and printed labels are your best options as they fit into a horde of handmade items. Build your brand image with custom-made labels from

Identify your customers

Who is more likely to buy your products? These are the people you are supposed to be marketing to. Your target audience is made up of people who have probably the same likes and are likely to hang out in the same places, maybe Facebook or Instagram. The audience falls in the same age group, and they may have a lot of things in common. This means that, when you create your craft, you know what they love and how they love it. When developing business statements, you should know the words to use based on your target audience.

Identifying your target will help you come up with unique crafts and business statements that tap into the emotions of your customers.


Etsy allows you to create a brand design palette, something that sets your business apart. Besides having unique products, a good name, and good business statements, you need to have a unique looking store. People will be attracted to a store that looks appealing even before they see your products.

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