TikTok Video Accuses USPS of Election Interference

A TikTok video has gone viral this week that features a woman attempting to mail in an absentee ballot but being refused service by a USPS worker.

TikTok user Jenn Marie was filming the interaction from a post office in Smokey Point Washington, and due to her being a resident of Pennsylvania she had to file an absentee ballot. After following the instructions from the email she received, she took her prepaid envelope to the post office, where she was allegedly refused service.

Jenn was apparently told that the USPS worker had the right to “refuse service to anyone” and in the case of a mail-in ballot she took this as a sign of voter interference.

You can see the original TikTok video below which has amassed just under 5 million views in less than a week.


Sir I will literally buy a plane ticket to PA before you stifle my vote. #vote #FomotionalFinds #usps @United States Postal Service #pnw #washington #militaryfamily #militarywife #audacity

♬ original sound – Jenn Marie
TikTok User: Jenn Marie

The saga continues over a number of uploaded videos that you can view on Jenn’s TikTok page. There have been thousands of comments from concerned Americans who are urging for further action to be taken against the accusation of voter inference.

“They can’t refuse service if they aren’t a private business. Call the postmaster general and file a complaint. And call your local news,” said one TikTok user

“Call the postmaster asap!!! And call the local news stations & let them know what is going on. If they’re doing it to you, they’re doing it to others,” suggested a different user

In follow-up videos, it appears that the plot thickens as the postal worker at the location she went to was allegedly being difficult and refusing to acknowledge that what she needed actually existed.

“He pretended these envelopes did not exist, when in fact I knew they existed because one, it says that they exist, and two, the guy at the other post office said they existed,” Jenn explains in a follow-up video.

USPS Respond To TikTok Accusation

With the TikTok video going viral and with a lot of worried Americans concerned about the threat of voter interference in the upcoming midterm elections USPS has released a statement regarding the issue.

The below statement is one sent to the DailyDot when asked for comment on the situation.

“The item presented was not a secure, addressed mailpiece and therefore was not accepted for mailing. Our employee tried to assist the voter by offering an envelope for sale and further to provide tape to affix the address to the envelope but that offer was turned down by the customer. At that time, the customer had no further business, was disruptive to our business, other customers, and their privacy, so she was asked to leave,” USPS spokesperson.

While we have seen many TikToks of USPS go viral in recent times this one is slightly different in nature. Obviously, the allegations are incredibly serious it seems to us that there may have just been a case of miscommunication and the accusation of voter interference is perhaps a bit of a stretch.

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