USPS Tractor Trailer Crash

Video: Tractor Trailer Carrying USPS Mail Crashes Off Bridge Into Icy River


Video footage has been released from the state police association of Massachusetts which shows a Tractor Trailer carrying US mail for USPS careering off a bridge and plunging into an icy river in Weston, Massachusetts. Surprisingly the driver was unharmed and when rescued by emergency services just complained of being cold.

Source: WCVB Channel 5 Boston Youtube

USPS Pending Investigation

The incident which happened around midday on Saturday 26th of February was alleged to have happened due to changes on Route 128 where the incident took place. It turns out some toll booths have been removed which has led to vehicles carrying more speed into the area and in some cases losing control.

“Since they have taken out the toll booths there at what used to be Interchange 14 at the Mass Pike, we’ve seen an increase in tractor-trailer rollovers on both of those ramps,”

“Usually we see them roll over and they end up on the bridge and we said one of these days somebody’s going to be going either fast or something’s going to happen and they’re going to end up in the river.”

Justin Woodside, Deputy Fire Chief.

As for the impact on any destroyed mail, it will take a pending investigation to fully understand the impact of this incident and to identify those that have been affected. Whilst the police noted that the truck did break in half whilst being recovered from the river, they did note that many of the packages inside were able to be recovered.

The Department of Environmental Protection and the Mail Inspector have both been notified of the incident and USPS did offer a brief statement which was:

“The disposition of any mail on board will be determined by Postal Inspectors once their investigation is completed.”

USPS Statement

Whilst the main focus is of course that the driver is unharmed, this is not the first time video footage has been released featuring USPS and a fail.

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