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Significant Trends For eCommerce – Voice Search & 3D Modelling

As technology moves forward, eCommerce moves along with it especially since it is dependent on advancement on technology.

Will Voice Search create V-Commerce?

Voice search is one of the trending innovations for eCommerce today with Amazon Echo and Google Home as well as Microsoft’s Cortana and Apple’s Siri. Voice search will only grow more as this technology further develops.

Image: Walmart | Google Home Speaker with Walmart Bag

It is projected that by 2050 at least 50 percent of online searches would be made by voice search.

3D modelling is another technology that is growing for eCommerce. This is in line with the return of VR headsets. With VR headsets, 3D modelling will only become more common and more advanced as VR technology advances.

For now though, eCommerce will benefit more on voice searching. This is along with advances in search apps on mobile phones.

The future technology of eCommerce

Mobile technology has become just as advanced as those used on personal computers and laptops that voice search is now possible in some way. That is true for Google, where voice command can make searches on Android mobile phones.

In part, this advancement is due to the popularity of messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger, Skype and WhatsApp to name a few. As messaging apps are used more often, voice search is the logical next step towards a more conversational form of eCommerce.

Soon ordering a product or booking a flight could be done simply through voice command.

Messaging apps have also become more used than social network apps. While social media is still relevant, and is still popular, people want to do more and to stay in touch in a more meaningful way than just typing over social media.

Voice command and voice search as well as chatbots are seeing an increase in use. This trend is set to continue on and will shape eCommerce in the years to come.

Now, conversational assistants can understand sentences and abbreviations. These can be personalized according to preference, and this in time can mean that for eCommerce, a preference in one’s style and product can be made in order to cater more closely to people.

What do you see as the prominent technology for eCommerce in the future.  Can 3D Modelling rival the surge of voice control? Let us know down below.

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