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Review platform Trustpilot has been named a BigCommerce Elite Partner, providing more than 60,000 BigCommerce customers access to Trustpilot’s platform, which helps collect and manage customer reviews.

The BigCommerce Elite partnership is only achieved by a small, select number of technology partners.

BigCommerce merchants using Trustpilot’s app can automate review invitations after purchase, drag-and-drop review widgets on-site, and collect both service and product reviews. Additional features of Trustpilot include:
  • Turn a company’s best reviews into attention-grabbing images for social media
  • Earn Google Seller Ratings that increase clicks on Adwords
  • Stream new reviews in real-time onto their websites  with TrustBox widgets
  • Personalize their public company profile pages so consumers can read reviews to make the buying decision easy
  • Increase their TrustScore: recognized by consumers as a sign that a business has nothing to hide and cares about improving customer experiences

“With Trustpilot becoming a more robust tool for eCommerce merchants with the addition of advanced product and location reviews, it was a natural next step to expand our eCommerce footprint by becoming a BigCommerce Elite Partner. The audience that BigCommerce puts us in front of gives us a huge opportunity to mobilize our offerings.”

Peter Simpson, Global Head of Partnerships at Trustpilot

What do you think about Trustpilot becoming a BigCommerce elite partner?

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