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According to Trustly, Great Britain has become Europe’s most visited online supermarket, only coming second to the United States as the second largest market for eCommerce. The eCommerce trend in the country is well-established, given the high demand for logistics assets among its investors.

Shoppers located in Germany are some of the most enthusiastic buyers for UK merchandises and services. Based on the survey, 32% of German respondents have bought goods online from the UK for the past year.

More consumers bought goods online from the UK than anywhere else in the world, other than China. The United Kingdom is now considered the third largest market for eCommerce trade in countries like the Netherlands and Spain.

Although the most recent survey from Trustly shows the strength and stability of UK eCommerce, British consumers would prefer buying from China and the USA instead of relying on other EU countries for online goods.

This is good news for businesses in a post Brexit Britain.

Online Sales Increased U.K. Black Friday as Retail Stores’ Sales Weaken

“The shift to more online spending has been driven by retailers, which have been “de-emphasizing their in-store offering while bombarding consumers with daily promotional emails for over a week,” Bryan Roberts, Analyst at TCC Global.

According to Springboard, the number of consumers in stores dropped by at least 3.6 percent, and there were no signs of heavy floggings at some retail stores as shoppers raced to get gadgets at a discounted rate.

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Bloomberg reported that earlier estimates from Adobe Systems Inc. suggest that the effects of eCommerce are noticeable in the U.S., where online shopping sales went up to 16.9%.

Also, Cowen & Co. analyst Oliver Chen estimates that traffic in physical stores dropped by at least 4 to 6%. Several investors believe that eCommerce is the next best thing when it comes to retail business, changing the structure in how global logistics work.

Did you experience similar sales growth on this years Black Friday period? Comment down below and share your experience.

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