UPS Announces Daily Non-Stop Flight from U.S. to Dubai

Africa, India, and the Middle-East are all emerging markets for cross-border trade, and UPS is ramping up capacity to services the region from the U.S.

Starting February 27th, UPS is enlisting its new Boeing 747-8F freighters on a daily non-stop flight from its Worldport® global air hub in Louisville, KY, to Dubai, UAE.

This new service will improve transit times for goods by one day to key destinations in the Middle East. Also, from Dubai, the company will serve markets in Africa and the Indian subcontinent.

“The UAE trades with all 50 U.S. states and has grown to become the U.S.’s largest export destination in the Middle East. Dubai’s importance as a global trade hub increases every day – and we’re now getting there a day faster from North and South America with our small package express carrier and cargo offerings.”

Jim Barber, President, UPS International

This daily route will become UPS’s longest regularly scheduled flight at approximately 7,700 miles (12,400 km) and is made possible by the new 747-8s. The plane gives UPS greater payload capacity over a more extended range.

The daily route is a vital piece of UPS’s plans to expand Dubai as its freight hub for the Indian Subcontinent, Middle East, and Africa (ISMEA) region.

The Louisville-Dubai flight will be the first leg of an “around-the-world” route that begins and ends at the UPS Worldport® in Louisville, KY. Next stop after Dubai, UAE is Shenzhen, China, home of UPS’ largest facility in Asia, with continuation to Anchorage, AK, and the final leg back to Louisville, KY.

European UPS customers will also benefit from this new flight as the company no longer will use the Cologne to Dubai flights for U.S. freight. Instead, UPS can increase freight capacity to the ISMEA region for its European customers by utilizing existing aircraft.

Cross-Border Opportunities for SMEs

Improving speed to the ISMEA region benefits forward-looking SMEs that see the area ripe for sales expansion.

Several Marketplaces have popped up recently in the Middle East, and Amazon even purchased one to accelerate its expansion in the area.

The use of postal services, especially in Africa, is fraught with problems and delays. By utilizing courier services such as UPS, sellers can offer reliable shipping solutions to a rapidly expanding market.

It shouldn’t come as a big surprise that there is considerable interest in luxury and western goods in the oil-rich nations of the Middle East. But even in major metropolitan areas of Africa or the Indian subcontinent, there is a tremendous demand for quality products as incomes rise.

SMEs can play a vital role to provide these high demand goods and by using quality logistics services which improve customer satisfaction and trust.

UPS is not the first or only logistics company to realize the potential with investment in its ISMEA regional logistics infrastructure.

But as the largest courier company in the world, they are working to provide the logistics capacity to serve the area. UPS is also promoting its increased footprint in the region by being the official logistics provider for Expo 2020 Dubai.

Do you sell to the ISMEA region? We’d love to hear your experiences shipping products to the area in the comments section below.

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