UPS Freight Makes Last, Best and Final Contract Offer – But is It Enough?

On Thursday the Teamsters UPS Freight National Negotiating Committee released for a vote to its members the Last, Best and Final Offer (LBFO) by UPS Freight for a new labor contract.

Voting on this new contract offer is scheduled for November 9, 10, or 11 at their local union hall or other designated local area. Each local office will notify workers on the exact time, date, and location for voting.

This new offer by UPS addresses some problems with the UPS Freight labor contract that was rejected last month.

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However, the negotiating committee also stated that it does not believe the LBFO sufficiently addresses the issues raised by members that caused them to reject the last contract.

But, because UPS Freight there will be no other offer, it felt compelled to bring this LBFO to a vote by members so they can make their best informed decision.

If members reject this offer, there will probably be a strike as UPS Freight workers have already authorized a strike if no satisfactory agreement could be reached.

Impact on eCommerce

UPS Freight handles truckload and LTL shipments and is not part of the logistics operation for UPS parcel or any other UPS entity.

If members reject this offer, the strike will only impact UPS Freight operations and none of the other UPS entities that handle parcel shipments.

However, some larger warehouse and manufacturers that ship palletized goods may be impacted as removing trucking capacity during the busy holiday season will overload an industry that is already struggling with a trucking shortage.

And that could cause delays and higher freight costs for some vendors and retailers.

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However, a strike could further poison the relationship between UPS and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT) labor union.

Of concern to small businesses could be since IBT also represents parcel workers and Louisville airport mechanics (UPS Worldport hub for airfreight), ongoing negotiations regarding side agreements on the parcel side and the labor contract for the mechanics could be slowed down or come to a halt.

While UPS parcel workers have a new agreement, there are still some side agreements that need to be worked out. And the Louisville airport mechanics also rejected a UPS labor contract last month, which if there is no solution could lead to a strike that may impact UPS air operations.

Small business merchants should still continue to monitor the UPS labor situation should it take a turn for the worse. It would be wise for merchants to have a backup plan ready should there be a labor action that impacts UPS parcel operations.

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  1. Tired of the BS says:

    Still a NO vote for me! UPS is greedy and doesnt realize we arent stupid. There is plrnty of money to be had, they just dont want to give to the hard working peiple that make it for them

  2. Clear thinking says:

    Hey tired of the BS. U do realize if you all vote no ups is shutting down the freight and u and several others will be out of a job. Ups freight is only 5 % of the company. . I have seen other companies shut down divisions before. Research Kroger co. Shutting down the Pittsburgh division back in the mid 80s . They will do it.

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