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UPS Next Day Air Service Guarantee To Remain During Holiday Season

UPS announced some good news for shippers during the holiday season as it will continue to offer its money-back guarantee throughout the peak season for all UPS Next Day Air shipments.

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“If a customer ships a package expecting Next Day service, they’ll receive Next Day service,” the company said in its announcement.

UPS suspended all money-back guarantees as the Covid-19 pandemic started to spread globally in 2020 and continued the full suspension throughout the 2020 holiday season as eCommerce volume rose to record levels and created one of the most chaotic peak seasons.

By April 2021, the carrier reinstated its service guarantee to select air services domestically and internationally.

What About UPS International Shipments?

In addition to keeping the UPS Next Air service guarantee domestically this peak season, the carrier will also continue to offer its Guaranteed Service Refund for all Worldwide Express shipments as well.

Prior to Covid-19, most carriers, including UPS, would even suspend express shipment service guarantees in December as package volumes would increase during the month.

But this year, and likely due to carriers having excess capacity as online commerce growth softened, UPS is maintaining the beforementioned service guarantees throughout peak season. 

“More than 500,000 UPSers are already hard at work delivering gifts around the globe this holiday season,” said Nando Cesarone, UPS Executive Vice President and President US.

“We’re able to offer the best service in the industry because we have the best people on our team.”

The UPS Service Guarantee remains suspended for all other services from any origin to any destination.

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