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UPS-owned on-demand integrated fulfillment provider Ware2Go launches FulfillmentVu, a new technology platform with a combined warehouse management system, order management system, and transportation management system that empowers merchants of all sizes to easily meet customer expectations across all sales channels to drive revenue growth. 

Integration points across any sales channel, eCommerce storefront, or ERP allow for further standardization across Ware2Go’s extensive warehouse network and enable merchants to fully customize their fulfillment operations with little to no oversight or operational burden. 

“In today’s B2E (Business to Everyone) era of commerce, businesses of all sizes need fulfillment that enables them to scale with demand and respond to growth opportunities, even in a turbulent market,” said Ware2Go CEO Steve Denton.

“We’re continuing to accelerate innovation, empowering our customers, as well as our warehouse and shipping partners, with the technology and tools they need to do their jobs more efficiently,” Denton addds. 

FulfillmentVu provides a single connection point between fully optimized sales channels and extensive fulfillment capabilities.

Fully Responsive Fulfillment Network

The flexible and comprehensive fulfillment network is fully responsive and can adapt quickly with shifts in demand or channel requirements. Key technologies and features include:

Connected Channels – a configurable merchant portal offers more than 70 connectors that link order fulfillment to virtually any sales channel, ecommerce provider, marketplace, or EDI.

Warehouse Management – comprehensive warehouse management capabilities include retail compliance, third party billing, lot and expiry tracking, as well as management of big and bulky items, and serialization.

Transport Flexibility – a broad range of transportation management options including small parcel, less than load (LTL), full truckload (FTL), international shipping, UPS SurePost and UPS Mail Innovations.

FulfillmentVu’s advanced fulfillment capabilities connect the power and scale of Ware2Go’s existing nationwide 1- to 2-day delivery network and infrastructure.

When supported by Ware2Go’s rigorous service level agreement (SLA) guaranteeing 99% accurate and on-time fulfillment, this technology drives measurable growth outcomes and exceptional customer experiences.

Such capabilities and automation can drive significant outcomes for merchants who can quickly capitalize on growth opportunities. Its flexible pricing and operational model eliminate long-term contracts, as well as order minimums, to facilitate multichannel growth at any level. 

“Historically, this type of technology has only been available to large enterprise companies due to cost, complexity, and infrastructure,” said Denton. 

Chief Marketing Officer at UPS, Kevin Warren, sees the launch of FulfillmentVu as another milestone in Ware2Go’s trajectory of growth.

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