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UPS TikTok Goes Viral Revealing How Much Drivers Earn

The past few days have seen another TikTok video going viral, this time it is UPS drivers revealing just how much they get paid which has left some viewers amazed.

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The TikTok video features two UPS drivers talking, one ‘stitching’ a response to the original video stating how the best thing about it, is people don’t know how much UPS drivers actually get paid. This video has now amassed over 3 million views in just 5 days.

The video starts with one driver stating how he gets paid $40 an hour as a UPS driver, followed by a story from another story that explains how he started in the building and it wasn’t until he asked a fellow employee in the parking lot how he managed to drive such nice cars. Upon finding out what the opportunity to earn was, he transitioned to becoming a driver and hasn’t regretted it since.

TikTok Source: @dannyamosjr

UPS Drivers Paid Well But Face Tough Working Conditions

UPS drivers do enjoy higher than average wages with considerable benefits due in large part to their union membership, which allows them to collectively bargain for things like wages and benefits.

Whilst some TikTok viewers found this hard to believe Danny states in the comments section that, while drivers can start at roughly $20 per hour, that number escalates to “$41.47 straight time” with an “overtime rate a little over 62 an hour.” He claims this is a “4-year union pay progression.”

Additionally, drivers enjoy benefits not seen by other drivers in the delivery industry. Other benefits of working for the company include not only good income but also benefits such as health care, a pension, stock options, and long vacations.

UPS is represented by The International Brotherhood of Teamsters which represents the 86,000 drivers nationwide, and over the summer they started their campaign for the contract renewal which takes place next year. A large fighting point however has been the working conditions with many UPS drivers struggling with the heat this summer. Something that other courier companies have not had the same level of issues with.

It will be interesting to see what the Teamsters can negotiate next year and if improving working conditions will eat into the driver’s wages when negotiating the new contract.

To clarify some of these points a UPS Spokesperson released the following statements regarding driver pay:

“Full-time package delivery drivers average about $95,000 a year in wages…Total compensation for drivers (including health, welfare, and pension contributions) is about $145,000 a year (on average),”

The UPS spokesperson added “After four years, a UPS driver earns the top rate and makes approximately $42 per hour…tractor-trailer drivers earn $112,000 per year in wages on average, with an additional $50,000 in “health, welfare, and pension contributions.”

“Nearly half of UPS full-time drivers (49%) have at least 15 years with the company and receive a minimum of 4 weeks of vacation per year,” they wrote. “Full-time drivers also receive an average of 18 additional days off (holidays, option days, and sick days) per year.

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