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Video: USPS Allegedly Delivered Package To A Carport Roof


TikTok is once again the gift that keeps on giving as last week another video went viral featuring a USPS delivery that was found on top of a carport roof. A TikTok user names Skylar posted a video with the caption “USPS U GOT SOME EXPLAINING TO DO” which shows a Dell-branded box sitting on the roof of a carport over her parking space.

Skylar says that she had ordered the package around January 21st and after receiving the delivery notification she was unable to locate where the package had been ‘delivered’. According to Skylar, five days later she noticed the package was sitting on the roof of her carport when driving back to her home.

You can see the original TikTok posted below but be aware that Skylar does use some rather ‘industrial strength’ language so if you are easily offended you’re probably best just taking my word for it.

Source: @sky_hiii, TikTok

Is The Video Staged To Make USPS Look Bad?

In a follow-up video, Skylar films herself climbing on her car roof in order to retrieve the package from the carport roof. This video courted controversy however as for such a large box Skylar can be seen carrying it with just one hand as she dismounts her car.

The video below features the same colorful language as before, you have been warned.


Reply to @noctilesent i got it *squeaks shoes* #fyp #part2 #deliveriesgonewrong

♬ original sound – Skylar
Source: @sky_hiii, TikTok

Another commented how the top of the box looked like it was open and therefore most likely empty and the whole video was a stunt to get more followers on her TikTok account.

Addressing the speculation Skylar then shared a third video you can see on her account explaining how the box only contained printer ink that she had ordered online and then showed the box was still taped shut as she hadn’t opened it yet.

This still leaves the question, did USPS physically throw the package onto the carport roof? If so…why? Or was this a prank by a neighbor or friend? At this time we don’t know the answer to these questions. However, it wouldn’t be the first time USPS had delivered a package to a roof. Last year a ring doorbell camera caught the postal worker in the act.

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