Hurricane Dorian

Due to hurricane Dorian, the United States Post Office is warning of disruptions to operations in some part of the southeast US.

The hurricane has been nearly stationary for about a day over the Bahamas but current forecast models show it will move along the coastline of Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina.

Here are links to USPS closures of post offices and operations in hurricane areas.

Note that USPS is specifically mentioning USPS Priority Mail services, so many of those shipments will likely be significantly delayed.

The FAA has a list of airport closures that impact air shipment for USPS (Express and Priority Mail), as well as UPS and FedEx express shipments

Miami airport is open, but Ft. Lauderdale and Orlando airports are closed as of right now.

UPS, FedEx, and Amazon

UPS also issues a service alert for Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina.

FedEx has not posted service alerts for impacted areas. However, sellers should anticipate delivery and pick-up delays along the coastline in all three states as well.

Also, sellers who use Amazon FBA may also see service disruptions in some part of the southeast US as the storm lingers.

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