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USPS Connect – New Local & Regional Next-Day Delivery Options for Businesses Through 2022


Today the U.S. Postal Service has launched USPS Connect after a successful pilot that was taking place across Texas. As part of their Delivering for America plan they have set out four new delivery solutions that will leverage the ongoing network improvements. This includes new equipment, new pricing, and enhanced operational precision to meet evolving business needs.

“USPS Connect provides businesses of all sizes what they have been asking for — an affordable way to meet consumer demand for fast delivery…A pivotal point in our Delivering for America plan, it positions us to more fully leverage our network capacity to increase volume and revenue so we can continue to serve the American people with affordable, reliable mail and package delivery.”

Louis DeJoy, Postmaster General & CEO, USPS

USPS Connect

The new USPS connect program offers several options to help businesses of all sizes meet growing consumer demand for affordable, fast local, regional and national deliveries and returns. Whilst USPS won’t acknowledge who they see as their competitors directly, it is very clear that the standards set by Amazon and the growing expectation for free or cheap next-day delivery from customers are the driving force behind this evolution.

Let’s take a look at the four Connect programs that have launched for businesses below.

USPS Connect Local

Connect Local is a new way for local businesses to reach their local customers both quickly and affordably. Rolling out in select locations starting today it offers affordable next-day service in all locations, with same-day delivery, Sunday delivery, and pickup options in select locations.

Included in this service is also USPS Connect Local Mail, which is an affordable First-Class Mail option for documents up to 13 ounces. Perfect for those businesses like lawyers offices that regularly post out documents and want to do so quickly. Businesses will also be able to access free packaging, envelopes and supplies through the USPS Click-N-Ship service.

Businesses can enter USPS Connect Local packages and mail at the receiving dock of the designated postal facility or take advantage of free en-route pick up when their carrier delivers their mail. It is this more efficient process which lies at the heart of USPS Connect Local services. You can see how the new process expedites delivery in the image below.

Image Source: USPS

USPS Connect Regional

Connect Regional will provide next-day regional entry and delivery of Parcel Select packages and Parcel Select Lightweight packages for businesses. If this is something that sounds interesting to your business you should consult with a USPS representative to identify the entry points and options that work best for you and your business.

USPS is aiming to be able to provide a larger geographic region with a coverage of 81% next day delivery available. Bringing the same affordable and reliable service that they are aiming to do with the Local service. Similarly to USPS Local it is a much more efficient process that is being implemented to make these delivery times possible.

USPS has shared an image to highlight this below.

Image Source: USPS

Connect National & Connect Returns

USPS Connect National will provide delivery solutions for businesses of all sizes. They can benefit from the Postal Service’s new mail processing equipment and reconfigured network to receive reliable delivery of packages through First-Class Package Service, Parcel Select Ground, and Retail Ground.

USPS Connect Returns is a service for businesses to offer their customers convenient returns, with free en-route pickup by their carrier or drop-off at a nearby Post Office location.

“We’ve listened carefully to our business customers to develop this program…We’re increasing next-day deliveries. We’re also giving smaller businesses big-business rates and all businesses more user-friendly ways to interact with us.”

Jakki Krage Strako, Chief Commerce and Business Solutions Officer, USPS

USPS is the only carrier that serves all of US’s 163 million business and residential addresses six, and often seven, days per week. USPS Connect will now leverage this vast, regional and last-mile network to provide consumers with the next-day delivery and convenient returns they have come to expect.

How To Sign Up For USPS Connect?

USPS Connect Local is already available in more than 800 Texas locations and will begin rolling out to additional locations across the country today according to the schedule available on for a total of more than 3,400 locations by Sept.30.

The USPS Connect Local Mail market test started in Texas in January of 2022 and will follow the state-by-state USPS Connect Local schedule for the rollout.

USPS Connect Regional is available now by talking to a USPS Representative.

USPS Connect National and Returns. Available now to businesses and organizations of all sizes. For more
information visit

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