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USPS Kills Loyalty Points Credits on June 10 – Reforms Program

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is phasing out the ability for business users in its Loyalty Program to earn loyalty points towards credits for Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express purchases.

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Instead, the Postal Service will introduce an updated Click-N-Ship service, replacing the loyalty program credits for business customers.

Previously, USPS Loyalty Program participants could accumulate credits by using Click-N-Ship for Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express services. However, starting from Saturday, June 10, 2023 shippers will no longer be able to accumulate loyalty points for credits.

Until June 10, 2024, business customers will still be able to utilize their earned credits for Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express purchases.

The U.S. Postal Service began notifying program participants of these changes through a series of emails and online communications, which started on May 11.

The USPS Loyalty Program, which currently boasts over 1.2 million participants, has generated more than $600 million in revenue from Priority Mail shipping.

Despite boasting of having reached an internal milestone early last December, the U.S. Postal Service has decided to do away with the current format.

Launched in mid-2020, the Loyalty Program introduced a three-tier structure (base, silver, and gold) based on customer spending. This three-tier system will also come to an end on June 10.

New USPS Loyalty Program To Emphasize Continued Competitive Pricing

“We’re making some exciting improvements to the USPS Loyalty Program to serve business customers better,” said Sheila Holman, marketing vice president.

Regardless of their previous tier, USPS Loyalty Program participants can upgrade to the enhanced Click-N-Ship, version 2 (aka CNSv2), which provides more competitive pricing. By transitioning to CNSv2, participants remain eligible for discounted prices.

The Postal Service expects to introduce further adjustments to the USPS Loyalty Program in 2024.

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