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USPS Launches Performance Dashboard

USPS has unveiled an online service performance dashboard as part of its ongoing efforts to enhance operational efficiency, in line with the Postal Service Reform Act.

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This user-friendly website prompts postal customers to enter their ZIP Code, providing them with valuable insights such as the on-time delivery percentage for specific mail and shipping products within each USPS district.

Updated weekly, the data is derived from scans captured during mail entry into the network, processing, and final delivery.

The dashboard represents a significant milestone in the Postal Service’s pursuit of the goals outlined in its 10-year plan, Delivering for America plan, now in its third year since it was unveiled. Recently, USPS also published a two-year report on the plan’s overall progress.

One of the primary objectives of the Delivering for America plan is to achieve a minimum of 95 percent on-time delivery for all mail and shipping products.

The launch of this website demonstrates the Postal Service’s commitment to measuring its delivery service performance and ensuring effective communication with the American public.

USPS is striving to transform its mail and delivery network into a high-performing, operationally efficient organization to deliver excellent service to its customers for generations to come.

Unfortunately, the dashboard doesn’t cover all mail types and for shippers, it doesn’t offer any insight into delivery estimates for USPS Priority Mail or Ground service products.

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