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USPS Loyalty Program Reaches Milestone Early

In August 2020, USPS launched a loyalty program for small business shippers who use the Postal Service’s Click-N-Ship web shipping platform to mail packages.

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What you need to know: The goal of the initiative is to reward small business customers with credits when they purchase Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express postage through the USPS Click-N-Ship web platform.

These credits can then be applied to future purchases of these services, reducing the overall cost of shipping for small business customers.

How it works: Last year, USPS enhanced the loyalty program’s three tiers, with each level offering rewards or discounts, similar to many popular travel and airline loyalty programs.

  • Base: Existing and new USPS customers that sign up for the program automatically start out in this tier, earning $40 in credits for each $500 spent in qualifying Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express products.
  • Silver: Businesses that in the prior calendar year made $10,000 of qualifying Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express purchases earn $50 in credits for each $500 spent.
  • Gold: And businesses that in the prior calendar year reached $20,000 of Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express purchases do not earn credits. But instead have access to commercial base pricing, offering up to 20 percent immediate savings on Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express shipments.

USPS Milestone

USPS said this week it has reached a major milestone with its loyalty program early — enrolling more than one million members, generating over $500 million in revenue since its inceptions.

Aside from reaching the milestone earlier than expected, USPS also revealed that more than 2,000 participants have qualified for the silver and gold tiers in the first year of the program.

Where to get more information: It appears the USPS Loyalty Program is off to a good start saving many small businesses a little money when shipping with USPS.

With postage rates increasing again in January, now might be the right time to join the program if you use the USPS Click-N-Ship web platform.

The USPS Loyalty Program page on has more information on how to get started.

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