USPS delivers on roof

USPS Mail Carrier Carelessly Delivers Package To Roof of Pregnant Woman’s Home


The popularity of video doorbells such as Ring now means that no mail carrier is safe from scrutiny as a USPS worker will find out this week after being caught on camera throwing a package onto someone’s roof and then walking away.

Just a few weeks ago an Amazon delivery driver was filmed having an alleged breakdown in his van. In today’s world, most people have the ability to be freelance film crew.

To make matters worse the intended recipient of the package is a woman that is 7 months pregnant with her second child.

The video footage clearly shows the mail carrier walking towards the property and preparing to throw the package towards the house. However a mistimed release results in the package hurtling up through the air and landing on the roof.

Clearly, at a loss at what to do in this situation, the mail carrier can be seen proceeding towards the house before then turning 180 degrees and getting back in their van, and driving away.

You can see the video footage below courtesy of WGNO.

The resident was alerted to the noise of the parcel landing on her roof and as she went to look outside she saw the USPS van driving away.

Being 7 months pregnant she was understandably reluctant to climb on the roof and retrieve the package and told reporters that the package would have to stay there for the time being.

This incident occurred on Sunday and as it stands there has been no update from USPS at the time of writing regarding this failed and negligent delivery attempt.

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