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USPS Mail Carriers Get Into Street Fight in Residential Neighborhood Near Baltimore

Two USPS mail carriers got into a fight in a residential neighborhood located in Anne Arundel County, Maryland, south of Baltimore.

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According to news reports, residents had to call 911 and police had to step in to stop the altercation.

One witness who didn’t want to be identified told WBAL-TV News that her son said that the two mail carriers, one male and one female, were riding up and down the street playing bumper cars with their US Postal Service delivery vehicles.

Brenda Rippetoe, another witness told the TV station, “There was mail all over the street. It was in the neighbor’s (yard) across the street from me … There was mail everywhere.”

“They kept going around the block, and at one point, they were front-to-front, hitting their bumpers together. So, I mean, it was a mess … The guy in the one mail truck got out and punched the window of the female’s mail truck, and then she started throwing mail at him and mail was going everywhere all over the street,” she added.

When police arrived, “The guy got out of the mail truck and started running down the street, and the police officers chased him and handcuffed him and then put him in the car,” Rippetoe said to the news station.

WBAL-TV News reports that police refused to confirm if the one carrier was facing criminal citing privacy laws concerning domestic violence cases. However, WTOP News claims that one person was arrested and charged with assault.

USPS Postal Inspection Service Investigating Incident

A spokesperson from the US Postal Inspection Service sent a statement to WBAL-TV News regarding the incident.

“Postal inspectors from our Baltimore Field Office and local law enforcement partners responded to this incident.”

“This matter is currently under investigation by the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, and in order to preserve the integrity of the investigation, I am unable to provide additional details at this time.”

“All mail from the scene was recovered and delivered to its final destination.”

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