USPS Priority Mail Damaged / Insured

USPS Boosts Free Insurance on Domestic USPS Priority Mail to $100


This may have fallen a bit under the radar with USPS increasing stamp prices yesterday, but shippers that use USPS Priority Mail domestically did get a small benefit boost.

Also, starting yesterday (July 10), the US Postal Service has bumped the default insurance on US Priority Mail shipments from $50 to $100.

Priority Mail Returns also now include the $100 insurance coverage.

Unfortunately, the claims process will continue to be slow. And despite the increased $100 free insurance coverage, business sellers may still be better off writing off the damage or lost package versus spending hours and hours trying to coax USPS to approve the claim.

And for those shippers that use third-party insurance, this now means your insurance payout may be split differently between USPS and your third-party coverage.

Check with your insurance provider for more details on how this may affect you.

No change was made to domestic Priority Mail Express default insurance which always included the $100 standard coverage and there was no change to the standard USPS international insurance coverage as well.

Learn More About USPS Priority Mail Insurance

To learn more about USPS shipping insurance and how it works, check out the US Postal Service landing page about its insurance products here.

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