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USPS Replaces Old Forms and Labels With New Ones for Better Tracking


USPS is eliminating some legacy service-type codes, which means some pre-printed forms and labels will no longer be usable after January 22, 2023.

These old labels do not conform to the U.S. Postal Service’s current Intelligent Mail package barcode (IMpb) requirements which help improve visibility and tracking as they contain specific information about the shipment.

Most online merchants and marketplace sellers that create labels on shipping platforms already get IMpb conforming shipping labels and will not be affected by this change.

However, if you have any of the following old common retail USPS labels and still use them, you should throw them out now so that your shipments do not get delayed or returned.

USPS Discontinued Retail Labels

Here are links to each label that is being discontinued.

U.S. Post Offices around the country are also discarding the old labels and replacing them with new conforming labels. If you go to a Post Office retail location, by now they should have the new labels in stock.

Again, if you are printing labels through an online marketplace or shipping platform, this does not impact you.

And as a reminder, on January 22, USPS is also discontinuing Priority Mail Regional Rate boxes and raising rates on most parcel shipping services.

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  1. What are the plans for the Label 400 tracking labels? Have read that those might not be available
    to retail customers once the 888 labels are available (apparently this has been delayed)….so, for
    example, would a library using the current form of tracking label be able to use the 888 labels, since
    they don’t actually apply the postage to their items?

  2. jeff rutledge says:

    So we’re heard nothing new about the 888 labels…..unfortunate that the USPS
    made this announcement because now many libraries, as one example, are now
    under the false impression that the 400 labels can’t be used anymore, which is
    incorrect….the local PO just gave us a huge roll of 400 labels to use, since we can’t
    order them online

  3. our post office will not give us the 400 labels…any ideas on how to obtain?

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