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USPS Trials New Same-Day Delivery Service In Texas Helping SMB’s Compete With Amazon

The United States Postal Service announced this week that they are starting same-day and next-day local package delivery through its new pilot program, USPS Connect Local. The pilot program will be starting in Houston and Dallas and was specifically designed with small businesses in mind.

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“We launched the USPS Connect Local pilot in designated Dallas and Houston ZIP Codes because the characteristics and demographics of these markets (a variety of customers served by USPS in a concentrated geographic area) will give us good information on a wide variety of potential small business that will participate in this offering.”

“As the economy opens up, this pilot will give Houston area businesses unprecedented access to the Postal Service’s last mile delivery network to better serve their local customers with local-to-local same-day and next-day deliveries.”

Kanickewa Johnson, Houston Spokesperson, USPS.

To begin with, there are 4 Houston USPS offices offering these services and 3 in Dallas.

The Houston USPS locations and Zip Codes are:

  • North Shepherd Post Office
  • Oak Forest Post Office
  • Beechnut Post Office
  • De Moss Post Office
  • Servicing Zip Codes 77037, 77039, 77076, 77088, 77091,77093, 77222, 77238, 77291, 77018, 77022, 77092, 77292, 77072, 77083, 77099, 77272, 77036, 77074, 77081, 77236, 77274

The Dallas USPS Locations and Zip Codes are:

  • Joe Pool Post Office: 5521 South Hampton Road
  • Juanita Craft Post Office: 3055 Al Lipscomb Way
  • Beverly Hills Post Office: 2202 South Cockrell Hill Road
  • Servicing Zip Codes 75224, 75232, 75237, 75376, 75204, 75210, 75215,75223, 75226, 75246, 75315, 75371, 75211, 75233, 75236, 75249.

How To Enroll In The USPS Same Day Trial

To get started, business customers have to enroll online where they negotiate a rate usually only available to large-volume mailers, according to a release, and sign an agreement with a USPS representative. Once enrolled, they utilize USPS’ “Click-N-Ship” online service to enter package information, print shipping labels, prepay for postage and receive tracking numbers, and then they’re ready to ship. 

The trial is still limited at the time as packages cannot just be delivered to any package pickup location. They must go directly to a clerk at the back dock at one of the specified facilities closest to the packages’ final destinations from 5 to 7 a.m. for same-day delivery, or 30 minutes before the back dock closes for next-day delivery. Currently, most facilities close at 5 p.m.

The Growing Demand For Same-Day Shipping

Whilst the logistics of the same-day service is limited, to begin with, the trial is a great way for more small businesses to begin competing with the likes of Amazon and their Prime service.

In a recent ShipStation report, 87% of consumers said the shipping experience directly impacts their decision to shop with a merchant again. Due to the ever-changing expectations of sellers, the need for a next-day or same-day delivery option is only ever-growing.

By 2024, the same-day delivery market is projected to grow by 179%, according to USPS. After 2020 and the demand for eCommerce meeting all new highs, it stands to reason that the demand is not going to lessen anytime soon and USPS trying to get started in the same-day last-mile delivery market makes a lot of sense.

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