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Amazon VAT Services Coming Soon to EU Sellers

Amazon has officially announced its Amazon VAT Services. It’s designed to help small and medium businesses doing transactions on Amazon with regarding to their VAT responsibilities.

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With this service, it would make VAT registration much easier.

For many business owners, VAT registration can be a nuisance.

This is especially true for online businesses, where cross-border transactions are made. To make VAT registration and other VAT-related services easier, Amazon will be introducing VAT Services On Amazon.

What does Amazon VAT Services offer European sellers?

Amazon marketplace sellers will now be able to manage their VAT across the EU and UK. It would be a solution that would not have eCommerce owners going from one site to another to be VAT registered for different territories.

Instead, they can have it done on VAT Services On Amazon.

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Territories covered by the service include France, Germany, Poland, Italy, Spain, the UK and Czech Republic.

The fee now is €400 per year per country. An additional €100 per year can be added for off Amazon channel transaction.

With this service, filing for VAT would only take for a few minutes, and Amazon will deal with most of the hard work.

The VAT Services On Amazon includes:

  • VAT registration number (if required)
  • Monthly, quarterly and annual VAT filings as required by subscribed country
  • Intrastat reporting
  • EC Sales List reporting
  • Locally required reporting, such as Spesometro in Italy

The service is powered by a company called Avalara who are experts when it comes to VAT responsibilities across the EU.

To find out more about the service provided by Amazon you can check out their page here.

We all know that the VAT and Tax issues can be incredibly troublesome for businesses. Is this a service that you would find beneficial?  Let us know in the comments section below.

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